Swiss Made and the risk of being watered down by globalization.

Since the 1990, we can observe that the price of Swiss prices has increased. One of the reasons is that watchmakers have shifted focus on mechanical watches, which call for higher retail prices.

Making Swiss watches used to be an elite’s club. You need the connections, you needed to be operational costs, and you needed to be seen forces. Of course it helped if you were born in a village where there were watch factories.

However, globalisation and private label have significantly lowered the threshold of making and selling watches. You can land in Geneva in the morning, meet a private label factory in Bienne for half of the day, and leave in the evening after having picked your next collection out of their catalogue.

Making Swiss watches is no longer difficult, so where the small businesses stand out could be by having a more personal approach to the customer, having a local production with more room for customisation, or by offering more interesting products for the money.

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